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【Currently Crowdfunding】From the Apple Kingdom Aomori to the World.

Take on the world with the Premium Apple Brandy “CRAZY DAYS”!

We are working towards realizing a globally recognized “apple liquor maker,” breaking through the critical situation facing Aomori Prefecture’s apple industry. Our goal is to transform it into a more prosperous and sustainable industry, delivering courage and vitality to Aomori Prefecture. Starting from January 6, 2024 (Saturday), we have been conducting crowdfunding on CAMPFIRE to make this vision a reality.

Thanks to everyone’s support, we achieved our initial goal of 5 million yen in just four days! Now, we are challenging ourselves towards the next goal of 20 million yen. We have prepared various rewards, including Apple Brandy and Cider, so we eagerly await your support for the future of Aomori.

▼ Crowdfunding Site
Until February 25, 2024 (Sunday)